Review: Learning IBM Bluemix

Learning IBM Bluemix Learning IBM Bluemix by Sreelatha Sankaranarayanan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting introduction to the Bluemix world

This book is a showcase, with working examples, of what we can do with IBM Bluemix cloud environment and its integrated IBM and third party services.

The main focus is to show what can be done, not how it works. Most of the technical backgrounds are left to several links to external resources on the web.

First step is how to create an application using Bluemix templates (“boilerplates”).

The following chapters are on how to integrate the application to the available services like security, SQL and NoSQL databases and IBM Watson functions, how to use the Bluemix development environment (git repository, continuous integration and deployment, test..) and how to monitor and tune application performances.

Other chapters are devoted to hybrid (cloud and on-premise) solutions and to mobile applications.

Most of the examples are based on Node.js or Java using IBM Liberty application server.

A couple of warnings:

  • Bluemix IaaS (Infrastructure as-a-service) features like Docker and Open Stack virtual machines support are mentioned but not described. The book focus is on PaaS (Platform as-a-service) features, based on Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry solution.
  • Bluexmix is a fast evolving environment so book screen shots and features lists can be easily obsoleted after few months

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